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█▓▒░ The Adventure Network ░▒▓
   ***** Born on 1/1/94 *****
 * Over 35+ Active Echos
 * InterBBS Games (8+)  
   BRE/FE/Tal 933, AB I+II,
   Lord, LoreNet, Clans,
                           BRE, FE and TAL IBBS Game
ersion 8.0  
            Updated: 01/08/2021 (2,876K)

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JustaXnet Info Pack V21.24
* League 510 JustaXnet InterBBS Games
 (10+) BRE/FE/Tal 510, AB I+II, Lord, ILord, 
 Clans, Global War, Quest for Nora & More.
 * League 510 Multi Network!
   Official Web Site at
   Updated 01/08/2021
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LinuxNet INFO PACK FILE v128
If you ever felt you want to work with Linux 
OS systems of all kinds as there is, and there
is many of kinds, then join this worldwide
network. All you want to know about Linuxnet
is in this archive include a nodelist. Now 
supporting languages discussions for Linux and
Unix. Look for the new file in the pack.
web and LIN_INFO


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A network of Networks! 350 Conferences, family
oriented and friendly. Largest genealogy 
resources, Christian areas, general discussion,
and vendor supported conferences. Now 
available via QWK, FTSC, Telnet, FTP, NNTP, 
SMTP, BINKP Satellite, world-wide. 150+ 
International BBS's participate in one of the
most recognized networks in the BBS world.
Update 1/05/2021 (1,184K)

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The Sysop's TechNet InfoPack  (01/12/21)
TN is  dedicated to the sysop,  in over
                                       39   echos   ranging  from   mailers  to
ossers,  BBS software, utils,  specific
                                       software   support,   modems,  operating
ystems, and more!   With a growing base
                                       of developers, reg sites,  beta testers,
nd otherwise  informed  people,  we can
                                       ensure the  very best in  sysop support.
ho else can give that guarantee?   With
                                       over  305  nodes,  the  discussions  and
upport are amazing.   STN is one of the
                                       the fastest growing FTN networks around!
ully  transportable via  the  internet,
                                       utilizing  WaterGate,   Transx,  Vmodem,
TP, F2I, AllFix,  IRex, Binkp and more!
                                        FREQ STNINFO from or
                                    ──────────────────────────────────────── (81K)

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The Sysop's TechNet InfoPack
                            Updated on 01/06/2021
         Sysop's  TechNet is  a network  for  the
                                                 sysops  by the sysops.  If you 
need help
         with your  BBS or have an  idea to  make
                                                 BBSing  better and brighter, th
is is the
         network  to make  it happen.  We are now
                                                 looking  for  more  nodes/hubs/
hosts  to 
                   continue our growth.


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Information file for VirNet.
VirNet is a AntiVirus Network there 
Distribution AntiVirus utiltilies, program,
updates, data files and Virus Dat files.
Virnet have messages echos and file echos.


Uploaded Sun May 02 2021 06:30:29

ZyXEL-Net information file pack.
ZyXEL-NET is a Network there manage all
Utilities and programs for the ZyXEL network
of Routers and hardware. ZyXEL-NET is 
distribution of ZyXEL utilities of software.
There are messages echos and software echoes.