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    by: Jon Justvig ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

    God formed everything into existance. Why did He do this? HE wanted a
    family, us as children. We're all one big family. Some are happy, content
    or unsatisfied. You might heard of... In the beginning... The big bang? There's often similiarities in religion and science. We've got to get the facts straight. God is love, He sent His son for the fall of Adam and Eve.
    Why were they disobedient though? Some say there is free will while some
    say God controls everything. Just like a parent and a child, it's the
    parent's responsibility to raise the child and the child's responsibility to make corrections in their life. What did God create? Look around... The Earth, water both in the air and land and light during the day and night.

    Brothers and sisters, God loves us. He really does. What is love though... Love can be a simple gesture as providing food to that in poverty. I urge
    you if you have means to provide for others that you do so. The very
    wealthy if properly done, could provide for so many. Time seems to work in reverse. People moved from the Eastern to the Western world and the Western became really wealthy while draining the resources in the Eastern world.
    It's a rough topic to discuss that isn't settling for some... there's
    people that like to be flashy and show off their material things to those
    don't have anything.

    What is happiness? You don't have to have money to be happy, although it's been said that it's more comforting to have more then enough and spread it around to be happy. Happiness is being able to smile even when you're going through hard times. It builds character to come from nothing to being something. Wealthy people sometimes aren't selfish at all while taking what they've made and make contributions to those that are less fortunate.

    Content people are people that take things in stride...whether those things
    are beneficial or not, there the people that usually don't take sides.
    Often times in the middle of the room...

    While there are the unsatisfied people that are unhappy about everything it seems sometimes...although, they know why they are unsatisified because of what's going on in the world and sometimes know what's happening and are
    upset that the harder you work at soemthing the less you get.

    Let us look at as God would... Love, love and more love. Give often and
    take less. When you give something it's often times more than not that
    those same things will returned to you. God's gift of salvation is simple. It's as simple as believing that Jesus died for our transgressions, the ways we've been living and putting all of that on the cross for us. God often
    tests us to see where or what we're going to do to see if we truly love Him.

    Our God is a God of Grace. We often get what we don't deserve, that's how
    much He loves us. He spoils us with His unconditional love. A love that
    loves no matter what the situation. What we've done or haven't done. He
    gives us chance after chance to make it right and molds us like clay as God
    is the potter. Like a gardener, pruning and trimming what's unclean and
    cleans us with pure thoughts and actions. Sooner than later do we fulfill
    His Will.

    The instructions of Life our written in the Bible. If only we were read the directions at birth, the first day we were born, could we avoid making mistakes.

    May God rest with you.
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