• [ANSI] Coming to God

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    ohn 14:6 - Jesus saith unto him
    , I am the way, the truth, and
    the life: noman cometh unto the Father
    , but by me. (King James V
    ersion)From this passage,
    I understand following Jesus will reveal the truth
    andgive you life as you persue your way to God
    . It will be great to one day tosee G
    od.We've got so much mor
    e living to do. So much more to do. L
    et us give love. Be patient to one an
    other. It's been said it's be
    tter to give then toreceive.Do
    all things for God. It's a strug
    gle to start a life with this mentality,but it is
    pleasing to Him to those that persue Him with all yo
    u got.---ÄÄÄ
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