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    ther. Do peoplereally have an impact on wha
    t's really going on in the U.S.?
    I'm not talkingabout people in high places lik
    e congress, like people that work for a livingbar
    ely surviving just to keep a roof over their head and family,
    food on thetable and electricity and water running just
    to live. Government was createdto protect p
    eople, not control them. Now I f
    eel at every turn, thegovernment has something to
    put in to how we all live. I didn't cre
    ate thisworld, I was brought into it and liv
    e in it. You may say, why are you still
    here? Why should I give up what I've w
    orked for? We need to find it inyourselves
    to forgive each other and move on. We all have scar
    s and damage. It's up t
    o us to get past that and build ourselves and grow.
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