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    From Black Panther@316:36/17 to All on Sun Jun 16 22:08:07 2019
    Hi All,

    I know I've been a bit quiet on here. Yesterday, one of our dogs started
    eating weeds, and trying to vomit, along with being lethargic. By last night, he was feeling better, or at least we thought he was.

    Today, he continued being lethargic, but would still beg for food. Being a weekend, there were no vet clinics open to take him to, so we did some
    research online.

    After coming to the conclusion that he was probably constipated, we gave him some coconut oil, which was one of the suggestions we found online. It didn't seem to be doing anything for a couple hours, but we needed to run to the grocery store.

    Upon getting home, and not sure what we were going to find, we were greeted
    to both dogs jumping up on us, and playing. :) After getting the groceries
    put away, and the critters calmed down, I went out to the back yard, where I found where the 'blockage' was cleared. I told my wife, "I knew he was full
    of sh!t." ;)

    I'm so relieved to have both my four-legged children back to their normal selves again... I'll sleep better tonight...


    Black Panther(RCS)

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