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    Hey all... have any of you tried Sling TV? I tried it out for a few days and was impressed with it, except I'm probably going to need to put in a new coax cable from the living room to the bedroom. Thinking of getting an actual TV that supports the service. Nice channels at $25/mo. Right now, you can get
    it for a month with a remote to hook up to your PC with a remote for $30 for the first month, then $25 after that. Seems like a better deal than shelling out $200/mo, however, the cable TV is a lot more reliable.

    -- cr1mson

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    On 10/17/18, Nelgin said the following...

    Not sure how you receive your programming but I have a couple of Roku devices, the free one that comes with Sling if you sign up for 2 months
    or whatever, and a 2nd of the same I got for the TV in the office. My PC only had 2 HDMI ports otherwise I'd have just plugged it into there but
    I use one for my monitor and one for my Oculus so...outta ports. While
    it would have been a good excuse to get a 2nd video card, it was cheaper to go with the Roku.

    1000's of channel, my wife mostly watched TV, maybe 10 channels total? Not near worth $200/mo. I've been considering getting a Roku TV with a month subscription. The one I saw even had a DVD player with it. I've never been fond of the TV/DVD combo. Once the DVD goes out, it's crap. Roku would probably better though.

    I'm pressed at the price and the channels you get plus you can add on,
    but it can get expensive if you go for all the options you would have
    got from cable. You're still stuck with channel packages once you pick your Orange and/or Blue.

    Yeah, for sure.

    However, there's a lot of free but ad supported content out there.
    There's even a 24/7 MST3K channel that plays on one of the downloadable channels (Pluto I think?), vintage cartoons, shows from around the
    world, etc.

    Works for me, if I can get something like $25 with what we were watching with our week trial, it might work. $100/mo for TV is a lot better than 2X with just about all the channels.

    Using the Roku you also have access to paid for services like Netflix and Amazon and free stuff like Youtube.

    Netflix and Amazon would be a great feat as well.

    -- cr1mson

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