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    BP> cr> Looks like my team made a WIN against the Steeler
    s toay. Go RaidersBP> BP> I didn't see that g
    ae, but I was a bit surprised when I noticed theBP> score. G
    reat job!It's been awhile,
    just a few more games left until the SuperBowl
    . I'd liketo see the Chargers
    take this one as it's been a long time since they'
    ve comethis far. Sometimes I ro
    ot for the underdog, but this time I believe this
    dog has a bite to be reckoned with.---
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    On 12/10/18, Black Panther said the following...

    Even my Packers found a way to beat Atlanta. It was a great weekend! :)

    Now Cowboys are out... woot... lets go Saints!

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