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    But I rest my case. Unlike here, where thunderstorms are much less frequent.

    I'm not complaining about the rain. When they start shooting off the

    My comment was in regards to cloud hosting ;)

    fireworks, etc., a stray spark can set a roof or a lawn ablaze. I noted where the southwest US, and many other areas, are really getting into drought conditions. Now, come August, we may not be able to buy a drop
    of rain, either.

    That sounds not unlike our summer. :)

    They issue Fire Weather Watches and Red Flag Warnings...and also have issued Fire Warnings...the latter for rapidly spreading wildfires, with immediate evacuations ordered.

    Here, we have the "Fire Danger Period". This is declared on a local government area basis. As I said last time, typically from late November until April sometime (May 1 id the default end date, unless otherwise declared), cut I have seen as early as October.

    During the FDP, a fire danger rating forecast is issued every day, which could be anything from "Low/moderate" through "High", "Very High", "Severe", "Extreme" and "Code Red".

    Bad days will also attract a Total Fire Ban, which prohibits almost all fires outside, regardless of permit status.

    And if a fire develops, we have a 3 stage warning system:

    Advice - there's something happening, monitor the situation.
    Watch and Act - You may be impacted, monitor for directions.
    Emergency Warning - You will likely be impacted, follow directions as given.

    Evacuations will generally not be conducted for an emergency warning, it's considered too late by that time. Evacuations are recommended before anything develops.

    Actually, these warnings are for all sorts of incidents - I'm getting a lot for "Pandemic" these days. :)

    Plus, if I get insomnia, I figure I might as well do BBS work. <G>


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