• VKRadio DNS Lookup

    From Vk3jed@432:1/101 to All on Tue Jul 17 22:38:22 2018
    Hi all, I hav been doing a bit of tinkering here, and now have the VKRadio nodelist in DNS. For sysops, this means you can configure your mailer to use DNS to look up host information. For everyone, it means if you know the node number of a VKRadio node, you can telnet to it.

    The nodelist is in the subdomain ftn.vkradio.com. If your mailer supports this feature (like binkd), you simply need to use ftn.vkradio.com as the lookup domain for vkradio.

    Nodes will appear in the format

    (p<point>.)f<node>.n<net>.z<zone>.ftn.vkradio.com. As there is currently only one zone and net, that means addresses will be of the form:

    (p<point>.)f<node>.n1.z432.ftn.vkradio.com .

    Enjoy. :)
    --- SBBSecho 3.03-Linux
    * Origin: Freeway BBS Bendigo,Australia freeway.apana.org.au (432:1/101)