• Heads up - possible downtime.

    From Vk3jed@432:1/101 to All on Fri Jan 26 07:56:00 2018
    Hi everyone. Been having some issues with the Pi my BBSs run on of late. I'm suspecting the 2 week heatwave has caused some issues, and with heatwave conditions forecast for this weekend, there is the possibility of more downtime. If my BBSs go down, they won't be back online until Sunday night at the earliest, as I am out of town for 3 days from 9AM this morning (in just over an hour). If the system goes down, all VKRadio feeds will stop until I get back. Unfortunately, there is no way to remotely fix this issue if it occurs.

    I have taken some steps to minimise heat buildup on the system while I'm away, but with the heat spike forecast on top of the long hot spell, I can't guarantee anything. I think I'm also going to have to order another Banana Pi as a backup machine, in case the system itself has some long term issues.

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