• CRBBS Domain Change

    From Black Panther@432:1/118 to All on Sat Jan 13 22:33:47 2018
    Hi All,

    I am in the process of building a website for Castle Rock BBS. Before I'll be able to publish the site, I will need to make a few modifications to the DNS entries. This will include adding a sub-domain for BBS related connections on my system here.

    What I've done, is just added bbs. as the sub-domain for any connections to my systems here.

    So, effective immediately, all connections for Castle Rock BBS, should be through bbs.castlerockbbs.com.

    I will wait until I know that everyone has made the changes, before I publish the website.

    Thank you.


    Black Panther
    a.k.a. Dan Richter
    Sysop - Castle Rock BBS (RCS)
    The sparrows are flying again....

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