• New echo - VK_REF9550

    From Tony Langdon@432:1/100 to All on Tue Sep 27 01:32:51 2016
    Hi everyone, I've created a new echo. Normally, I'd be proposing it first,
    but this echo is an orphan from before VKRadio was started. The new echo is:

    VK_REF9550 - IRLP Reflector 9550 Users

    This is an information and discussion group for those who use IRLP reflector 9550, and the EchoLink conferences which are a part of the setup, namely *AUSSIE*, *VK3JED* and *VKEMCOMM*. This echo is also gated to a mailing
    list, so non BBS users can participate.

    I've added everyone to this echo. Traffic is very light, feel free to
    unlink it if you don't wish to carry it. If you use IRLP or Echolink, it is worth carrying, as REF9550 is one of the major global reflector systems. Any updates regarding downtime and configuration changes, as well as user-user discussion will take place here.

    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A31 (Raspberry Pi)
    * Origin: The Bridge - bridge.vkradio.com (432:1/100)