• RetroNet Application

    From Necromaster@432:1/107 to All on Sat Aug 6 09:38:00 2016

    -=-RetroNet Application-=- V1.03 08/1/2016 ===========================================================
    Fill out the form below from APP START to APP END and email
    it to retronet2016@yahoo.com or telnet to Necronomicon BBS
    at: necrobbs.strangled.net port 23 and fill out the online
    application. You may also send the application via fidonet
    netmail to: Necromaster (1:322/756)

    All information received on this application will be kept
    confidential where applicable.

    The Name/Domain of the network is "retronet"

    Hub node number is: 80:774/0

    You will be connecting to: necrobbs.strangled.net Port 24560
    to poll for your messages.

    Some systems may be required to HIDE AKA's .



    If any of the below is not applicable to you, please put "N/A"

    Real Name.......:
    *BBS Name........:
    BBS Software....:
    Operating System:
    BinkP Address...:
    BBS Telnet Addy.:
    Area Code.......:
    Your binkp port#:

    *If you don't run a BBS, please state a system name you will be known by.

    --------------------------- CONNECTION INFO --------------------------------

    Session Information

    Note: FTN BinkP Style Only Offered Method.

    Desired FTN Session Password (all capital letters, you may use nummbers)

    Desired Allfix/Areafix Password (all capital letters, you may use numbers)

    Would you like PKT password? Yes[ ] No[ ]

    If yes, enter desired PKT Password (All capital letter, you may use numbers)

    Would you be willing to become a HUB for your area? Yes[ ] No[ ]

    ============================================================================ APP END

    Note: You will receive a Node number in an e-mail between 24-48 hours.

    Thanks for applying for a node.


    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A31 (Windows)
    * Origin: Necronomicon BBS - necrobbs.strangled.net (432:1/107)