• Fat Guys in the Woods

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    TELEVISION - AUG, 10 on the weather channel

    There's Always Someone You're Smarter Than
    `Fat Guys in the Woods' and `Idiotest' Exploit Stupidity

    It's basic economics: If you have a natural resource, try to exploit it. One resource we have in abundance is stupidity, and television's long history of exploiting it continues with two new shows in the next few days, one whose title is its most attention-getting feature, the other equally drab but in different ways.

    The moniker-of-the-month award - and, yes, it's a stereotype that the overweight are innately incapable of negotiating nature - goes to "Fat Guys in the Woods," which begins on Sunday on the Weather Channel. The gimmick: In
    each episode a survival expert named Creek Stewart takes three volunteers, who aren't very outdoorsy, into a moderately unaccommodating forest with minimal supplies, spends a few days teaching them rudimentary skills, then leaves them on their own.

    Unfortunately, in the premiere, which takes place in the Great Smoky
    Mountains, no one is attacked by a bear or forced into cannibalism to survive. It's basically Mr. Stewart showing the three victims how to start a fire,
    build a shelter and set a snare. The snares are necessary because the provisions include no food, though the resulting scenes are somewhat undercut by the opening disclaimer: "The primitive hunting scenes depicted in this program are for demonstration purposes only and were created in consultation with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. Some aspects of the scenes have been simulated, and do not necessarily reflect legal hunting methods in Tennessee." [copy&paste] from INET (: -skuz

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