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    From Orbitman@9:91/8 to All on Mon Jul 28 17:54:00 2014
    Hear ye...hear ye!

    Thy lesson of the day: Wasps will sting you and it does hurt.

    I was mowing the yard today and going my usual pattern around some azaleas and palms. Unbeknownst to me, there was a wasp nest under one of the palm fronds. I found out rather quickly after one of them popped me over my right shoulder blade. I shut the mower off and headed for the house hoping I wasn't being followed by them.

    After getting that fixed up...I went back to find the nest. I found it
    alright and got hit AGAIN! Dammit! This one hit me in the left side right below the ribcage. Back to the house to get fixed up again.

    You know what they say...."third time's a charm." Went back and destroyed the next and the little buggers with it. Wish I'd had a flame-thrower. I would've turned those trees/bushes into a big ol' pile of ash.

    I shall surely be more observant when mowing around those trees/bushes.

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