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    So Proud of Our President!
    Partisan politics aside.... D.J. Trump has so far exceeded my expectations.

    Absolutely, I was a delegate on the ballet in 2008 for Ron Paul in WV.

    Subsequently, While I do not agree with some of the "BS" that D.J. Trump has touted, overall I fully support his performance as U.S. President! Personal rhetoric beside, Our President had preformed very well! Moreover, President Trump has performed better than any other president during my lifetime.

    For all his faults..and yes, there are many..Trump is the one thing right now standing between the 'war to end all wars' known as Armageddon and the 'peace' as we know it to be right now. Therefore all those who consider themselves 'peace lovers' and 'peace activists' perhaps need to re-calibrate the noise they are making in the various foray they occupy and consider what the alternative will be when/if these pro-Armageddonistas achieve their goal in either breaking Trump to their will or else seeing him replaced with a more cooperative and compliant Christian Zionist VP Pence.

    The Main Stream Media (MSM) on the other hand has completely
    disappointed me. I will no longer vote Democrat, I will never run for office on the Democrat ticket, nor will I ever trust the Main Stream Media for news.

    [MSM] is SH** Crap.. dodo trash. Despite their throwing anything and
    everything into the fray, whether it is immeeegrayshun, the border wall, Russia, the 2nd Amendment, abortion, porn stars, etc, the real issue that has put him in the crosshairs of Judea, Inc is his opposition to any new wars..in the Middle East or wherever.. which are the sine qua non fuel in advancing/expanding the Judaic empire as envisioned by Torah Judaism.

    I might cross post this reply over to my SURVnet .. LOL please don't force me to get up on my soap box (:

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    force me to get up on my soap box (:

    I guess Americans have to do better next time. :-)


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