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    On 07/13/18, Fat Rastus said the following...
    Any Cat Fish Anglers here?
    Hell yes.. I fish quite often living beside Elk River.

    Last week I caught a lot of nice catfish.. I went out today and caught 3 very small fish within the first 20 minutes then nothing.. I gave up at noon.

    I like to get out on the river at 6:30-7:00 AM.. as the sun gets higher in the sky shade is tough to find.. But it was nice and cool this morning.. too bad the fish weren't bitting..

    It suppose to storm on and off this next week.. I'm not complaining though.. the rivers are getting a bit low.. When I was younger I didn't mind getting out of the boat and pulling it over a sand / gravel bar.. but I'm getting too lazy in my old age for that crap now-a-days..

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