• New 1-Liner Program for Mystic (MPL) I just finished!

    From Gary Crunk@9:91/11 to All on Mon Jul 10 07:43:19 2017

    As promised, I just finished my new One-Liner MPL Program. My First MPL program . This program was designed to be an Expanded version of Mystic's built-in One- Liner.

    * This allows you to have more than 1 .DAT file.
    * This allows you to design your Own display page for the One-Liners
    * This allows you to have from 1 to 20 One-Liners
    * This allows you to control how the One Liners are displayed.

    You can have Multiple Data Files, Multiple Display Files... Whatever you want. Fully Configurable.

    This also allows the SYSOP to Edit/Delete ANY One Liner from their system.

    This allows for Full-Color entries to the One-Liner using Mystic's Pipe Codes. A Color Chart is displayed to the User when they are adding a One Liner so
    they can Add color to their Entries if they want.

    Design your Own Screens, Set your Own Colors, Line Length, Show User name
    or Handle, Show One Liner Date with the One Liner, Or just Show the Entries, Show from 1 to 20 One Liners at a time. Show 10 Enteries Single Space
    or 10 Entries Double Spaced.

    It's a very Flexible system without having to Edit and Recompile the Program. Thats good for those that do not know MPL Programming, but can edit a Configuration File (.CFG) to control how the program displays information.

    I ask that people Log On to Another F-ing BBS at anotherbbs.bbsindex.com
    and test out the system. I have 2 "Versions" running on my Home Page by pressing "X" or "Z".

    You can Download the program from my BBS (I will ask Paul <Avon> to
    send this out via fsxNet when he returns).

    Simply Log Onto my BBS (anotherbbs.bbsindex.com) and download
    1Liner.Zip or 1Liner.7z and follow the directions in

    I also ask for your Feedback on this Beta-Test-Version of the program.
    Please also keep in mind, this is my Very First MPL program, so yes,
    the code is pretty ugly....

    Please be Kind... :/

    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A34 (Windows/32)
    * Origin: Another F-ing BBS (9:91/11)