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    No takers? I don't blame you. I should install an alcohol sensor on my computer to keep me from posting after becoming toasted! I tend to
    speak truth, or at least my truth, when I'm toasted.

    LOL very funny.. been there done that. I'm not toasted now and don't really mind speaking at least my own truth. It's probably way too late in the game
    to do anything about the State of affairs in this country. Never-the-less, it would not bother me to just trash the whole damn system and start over again with a new one. Except, this time stick with what our own founding father's beliefs and stay the fuck out of Foreign entanglements and the relations and dangers of permanent alliance between the United States and foreign nations. Specifically the terrorist State of Israel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Take just a few minutes to just reflect on what happen in 1968 during the 6
    day war. If we (the USA) would have took out the TRASH way back then. Instead of the Whitewash (cover up) a down right act of WAR! By Israel.. know less. A so called ally (what a BIG Joke) this country would not be in awful shape it is today! Now get this.. when I try to talk to people now-a-days about the attack on the Naval ship U.S.S Liberty .. the 34 dead man and 174 injured. They say, are you kidding me.. I never even heard about that in my American HISTORY class. WTF are you taking about? Ok.. yes I hang my head in shame.. My brothers spill there blood back then.. and some of them never came home. Now think
    about the survivors that did come hold.. back to a country that tried to
    cover up and lie about the whole Damn thing. Shit please read the book...

    I built my BBS board to help preserve the memory of the crew of the USS
    Liberty and speak the truth about what happened that terrible day. Anyway, I fill that we would not have all the dual citizens status of in Congress and
    the House today with Israel/USA citizenship period today. They should get the FUCK out of America and move back to Israel-HELL. I freak-in hope they take
    all of the Jewish (pieces-of-shit) writers in Hollywood and every CEO with them. It damn hard for me to even watch any of the (garbage) TRASH they are coming out with these days. Damn, I'm not toasted and haven't even started saying what I really feel about the State of affairs in the country. But I
    feel better that I said it now ... (:

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