• MINI TV for android

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    processor DDR3 1GB support for T-flash max 32 GB expanded micro SD slot Dimension 88mm x 31.5mm x 15.8mm pretty damn small ..haha

    If ya nuts and brave, and can deal with a little bit hanging out that same
    uSD slot, you can shoot vga video out that card slot, if no other video port
    is available! You will have to run special linux druvers and use a special breakout card that is about 1/2" longer, that solders to a video lead.

    Yes those things are pretty damned small! If it weren't for a crop of
    kittens, a few years ago, I would have never found a miniSD card (the in-between size, of uSD and standard full size SD)! I had one of those
    cheapie Chinese ipod clone video players, with a 2" square screen, and the expansion slot a very stiffly spring loaded miniSD slot, upon loading a few more .AMV or .MTV videos (.MP4's with a very low video frame rate, for cell phone cpu's to handle). Feeeeeng! A the little bastard flew over my shoulder n rattled around, to where I wasn't able to find it. Thank God, for kittens! They found it and was batting it across the floor & chasing it! It was the only one I had and they soon fell out of style, before I could get another

    Now there is only 1 thing smaller, that I can think of, and that is the new microSIM card, for the new cell phones. If you usb reader can only read mini's, then here's a small secret. The damnable things are the same guts as the contacts on credit cards! Same contact placement & arrangement, too!
    That is far, far, far from NEW tech! My first reader came with DOS & Win95 drivers and had the the old keyboard feedthru interface lines with the old 80286 cpu connectors, PS2's, some Win XP boxes still used them! 15 years
    back, You could buy a prepay AT&T go cell, the SIM card was programed with a credit card reader and was simply punched out of the credit card, like a
    puzzle piece! Now, the smallest little ch*t to find, is the new microSIM,
    same ch*t, same contacts, just trimmed down even smaller, about 3/8" square
    or so. I made several 'pop-in' adaptors, for my miniSIM reader, that you can still buy at Wal-Mart, as a usb multi-card reader stick! I saved the old pop-in adaptor from a buddies cell phone and you can combine the two, to read
    a microSIM, in a credit card reader! You should be ablebto find those
    stinkers in the nice & easy usb plug-n-play hookup way!


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