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    From Fat Rastus@9:91/14 to all on Mon Apr 17 21:39:00 2017

    I have never seen a Squatch, but I am certain that I had one scream next to my bedroom window when I lived in Kitsap County, Washington (my neighbor at the time (an avid woodsman) told me that what it was as he was woke by it too). That was in 1991, I hadn't thought much about that night, having moved back to Indiana, that is until this past December when I was walking to my deer blind and heard something very similar (and very loud) and the sound of something large moving through the brush. It was very close to me, maybe 25 years or so. It was pitch black, I didn't have a flash light with me since I was only 100 yards behind my house and I know that path very well. I knew what that scream was almost immediately, it's not something you can forget; it made my hair stand on end, but being armed with a rifle I overcame erg to head back to the house, but I paused long enough to put a round in the pipe before continuing the few remaining yards to my blind. Nothing else happened that morning and I saw nothing moving in the woods.. not even the squirrels left their nests that morning.. Hunting season ended a few days later.. but for weeks I carried my handgun when going down by the woods.

    I've spent many nights sitting outside since then just listening in the dark.
    I live about 3/4 mile from the river along one the few tree lines that connects the the river bottoms to an orchard another 1/2 mile to my north. I suspect that any Squatches that might come through here are simply migrating, moving along the river bank.. and maybe they know of that orchard or maybe they are following the deer as they leave the river bottoms to visit the orchard. Maybe I'm wasting my time listening for something that doesn't exist.. but I have spend a lot of time in the words and know the common sounds of the woods.. that wasn't one of them.

    Just rambling on...

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  • From Orbitman@9:91/1 to Fat Rastus on Thu Jun 22 10:33:49 2017
    Never seen a squatch either...BUT, I did see a movie back in the late 70's,
    if I remember correctly, that was about hunting Sasquatch. Scared the crap outta me! It was fun though :)


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