• XMPP/JABBER Instant-Messaging for SurvNet PPL

    From fU@9:92/1.3 to Alle on Fri Apr 15 11:45:00 2016

    the BlackICE BBS users are using since a few month a XMPP/JABBER server.
    and i want to offer it to all of you.

    It's running on a server in a datacenter (no dyn-ip) on a linux machine.
    i've prosody, it's a very stable jabber-server.

    the most multimessenger like trillian, miranda or pidgin, supporting the
    XMPP protocol.

    (i use for my android phone and windows computer trillian. on linux i use empathy)

    if anyone want's an account for instand messaging just let me know. all i
    need is your desired username and a netmail-adress where you will catch
    the password for the account.

    reply to this message or send a netmail to:
    vitus zeel @ 9:92/1 or
    vitus zeel @ 2:240/8001
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