• Fear, some tidbits

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    The end of the world as we know it.. TEQTWAWKI

    Survival mindset:

    Fear. Fear is our emotional response to dangerous circumstances that
    we belive have the potential to cause death, injury, or illness. This harm
    is not just limited to physical damage; the threat to one's emotional and mental well-being can generate fear as well.

    For the person trying to survive, fear can have a positive function
    if it encourages him or her to be cautious in situations where recklessness could result in death or injury.

    Unfortunately, fear can also immobilize a person. It can cause him
    or her to become so frightened that they fail to preform activities
    essential for survival.

    Most people have some degree of fear when placed in unfamiliar surroundings under adverse conditions. There is no shame in this!

    We must all train ourselves to overcome our fears. Ideally, through
    good training, we can acquire the knowledge and skills needed to increase
    our confidence and thereby manage our fears.

    I also feel that we all must seek out and find a higher power from which
    we may draw hope and comfort, I also belive that this is a very personel
    thing and we must all be free to make our own choice in this matter. nuf'
    said on this.

    Don't be a dummy! use a Dummy Cord !........

    We all know that some items are hard to acquire right now during the " good times"...well how do you think it will be after TEOTWAWKI ?.....Use Dummy cords....dummy cords are the cords that you use to tie your gear to your person...ie...compass....canteens..or even your side arm.

    I use para cord for this. Works great! Think about this....it is 2 a.m. ,
    you are 10 miles from your safe area, you were forced off of the roads for fear off the armed gangs that are stopping people trying to flee, you have your heading and are making good time when you suddenly slip and fall.... ...you seem to be ok but guess what?....Where is your compass?
    whoops.....no pistol.....uh oh.

    Don't be a Dummy!!.....Use Dummy cords!............. :)

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