• Re: Messages repeat

    From Skuz@9:92/1 to Simon Bach on Fri May 30 23:03:00 2014
    On 05-27-14, Simon Bach said the following...

    SGID: 9:92/1.1@survnet 9cd02976
    ID: OpenXP/4.10.7372 (Win32) (i386)
    HRS: ASCII 1
    EEN-BY: 92/1

    Ok! Explains why you reply and send a tweet of a old message in the saleecho. First write a mail to vitus, he should kill all files in the out-dir after your last poll. i don't think that the problem is located
    at the fluph bbs. The 2nd turn, if the first brings no success, clean up
    (possible kill) your message database at your point.

    Hello, I see a problem, see the Ctrl-code SEEN-BY: 92/1 ... That tells me, OpenXP is or whatever is using Ctrl-code, also the newer version of Mystic has added a hot key [V] for viewing the messages kludge. Terminology, the term "kludge" refers to a piece of control data embedded inside a message. Another thing is that the newer version of Mystic A42 have replaced those old type Ctrl-code with the @symbol. So if any of the nodes/points are using Mystic to send the mail. upgrade to 1.10 A43 that is really A42 that has a few other bug fixes added to the code build.

    If this message was being exported from here, I would expect to see more
    kludge lines also. An example would be..

    @MSGID: 9:92/1@survnet 9cd02976
    @PID: Mystic 1.10 A42
    @CHRS: CP437
    @SEEM-BY: 91/1 92/1 .1 .2 .3 .4
    @PATH: 92/1

    This might have something to do with, why some of the point node messages are not making there way back into 91/1 survnet USA. Just a thought (:

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