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    I've been catching up on my reading list lately and thus have found myself working through my collection of spook-related literature. With relevance to this section, the first two books by Julian Assange are, I think, a must-read for anyone with even a passing interest in the power of large information
    silos to manipulate or manage public perception.

    Noteworthy, because of recent allegations, these were both written before the Trump presidential campaign and well before that fateful fall when Assange's twitter changed dramatically in tone and quality. (Did he meet the nasty end
    of a rubber hose?)

    The two books:

    Cypherpunks: in this Assange is the moderator of a discussion between
    long-time members of the venerable and influential Cypherpunks mailing list. Topics range from the immense power held by information vendors to the
    efforts undertaken to assure that Wikileaks remains accessible. There's something to learn here for those interested in tech as much as those curious about politics and power.

    When Google Met Wikileaks: a transcript, heavily annotated, of an actual conversation between Assange and Eric Schmidt which was held under the
    pretext of friendly discussion for Schmidt's then-forthcoming book. It
    reveals rare insights from Schmidt into the beliefs which inform his
    worldview, and how they contrast to Assange's.

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