• An Ode to Journalistic Freedom

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    In shadows deep, a figure breaks the mold,
    Julian Assange, his story yet untold.
    Persecuted by a government's cold hand,
    For daring to expose truths of our land.

    A journalist he stands, with courage strong,
    Through WikiLeaks, his message spreads along.
    Innocent, unjustly accused, they claim,
    But truth be told, his motives held no shame.

    For this is not a tale of espionage,
    But journalism's pursuit, a noble vantage.
    In every word he shared, a beacon shone,
    A testament to rights too long unknown.

    The American government, once revered,
    Now tarnished by the rights they've veered.
    They violate his freedoms, one by one,
    And trample on the rights we hold so dear.

    For journalism, a human right it be,
    A truth-seeker's profession, a light set free.
    Yet in their quest for silence, they despise,
    The very essence of what makes us rise.

    Whispered secrets linger 'neath black-op skies,
    As torture weaves its web, fueling our sighs.
    Illegal by international decree,
    Yet in these shadows, liberty can't flee.

    Amidst the chaos, Julian takes a stand,
    Defending rights with every ounce of sand.
    A voice for the silenced and oppressed,
    A symbol of justice in its purest crest.

    So let us heed the call to recognize,
    That journalism's protection must arise.
    In every keystroke, freedom takes its flight,
    And Julian Assange, in our unwavering sight.

    For he's no terrorist, but a messenger true,
    Unearthing what the powerful eschew.
    In unity, we must defend his cause,
    And safeguard journalism's unwritten laws.

    Let not his persecution drown in scorn,
    But champion the rights that must be born.
    For Julian Assange, a beacon we'll ignite,
    To illuminate the darkness with truth's own light.

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