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    From warmfuzzy@700:100/0 to All on Sat Nov 23 07:32:01 2019
    If you are interested in having access to an archive that contains interviews with the big names in whistle-blowers then find a bulletin board system with
    a connection to the Anonymous Archivers File Distro Network (FDN). The
    Quantum Wurmhole is one system and another it the Bottomless Abyss. Still
    more are Central HeadQuarters and the Fishingnet BBS. The connection is seamless, you just select the menu option and you are teleported to another system, the AnonArchivers server, where you can select your files in an easy, efficient, and fast way. Edward Snoden, Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, and others have their very own dedicated file areas. To access it select Silent Partner FDN under the Anonymous Archivers FDN. The Silent Partner FDN is a
    new file distro network all about the Sp00k culture. Anonymous Archivers
    will be hosting the Silent Partner FDN until its sysop has his system
    complete and up and running smoothly. For now you can access all this stuff with ease from AA. When Silent Partner is online we will still have access
    to it from Anonymous Archivers, but it will be a teleport (TELNET-OUT) to his server rather than only having the files on AA locally. We have around a hundred interviews with these whistle blowers. If you would like to be an Anonymous Archivers FDN subscriber please e-mail society@phatstar.org.



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