• Internal Security Glyphs

    From warmfuzzy@700:100/0 to All on Fri Jul 6 23:45:38 2018
    When a person into predictive studies is advanced enough a practitioner they will be able to get glyphs in their minds eye of the person that they are walking by. For example, walking close to a security professional they will see a black ink blot (for example), or when walking past an intelligence officer they see the emblem of the organization or agency that they are associated with. It is sort of like having a brief biography of who they
    (the predictive studies practitioner) are approaching (other people) most of the time. Obviously, this is highly desirable to people working in the intelligence community. This ability is more common than thought, but it is very dangerous to do as a psychic and not as a prophet, as their indicators would be controlled by an evil spirt that may lead the students down the wrong path.


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