• Prophets vs. Psychics

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    When you think of predictive studies you might think about prophets,
    psychics, remote viewers, diviners, seers, or the like. In my opinion, they can be divided into two categories: psychics and prophets. The mode of operation of psychics may vary but it is always performing some sort of task
    to reveal secret information. Whereas, with prophets they are given informationn that is specific and not discerned on their own but having the information given to them in a sort of "download" in real time from the Holy Spirit. The Holy Bible has strong and harsh words against psychics, but one thing to note is that the Bible wouldn't have harsh words against something if it didn't exist. Psychic powers are real and they are undoubtedly effective. The problem is the source. If psychics are only right by a certain
    percentage this is concerning, as God is not half-right, so the information must be coming from somewhere outside of God, thus here enters the devil and evil spirits. If someone says they are psychic, I wouldn't doubt it, what I would be worried about is where they source their information from. A true Prophet is right 100% of the time (when speaking on God's behalf in revealing the information provided for them from God. That doesn't mean that they are always right as they are human and not all-knowing but are rather people who God uses. What they are perfectly right in is their prophecies that God has "downloaded" (or revealed) to them. So if you're in the IC (intelligence community) I would recommend hiring someone from a Pentecostal or other Christian Evangelical denomination that focuses on the gift of Prophecy and testing what the Lord reveals to them. This is safer and more effective by far.

    Something to think about...

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