• Eight Martinis Predictive Studies

    From warmfuzzy@700:100/37 to All on Wed Sep 14 00:40:51 2022

    This is really cool, its a magazine about "remote viewing," and is loaded with insider information on this topic. Granted it was written by remote viewers and not prophets, it is still useful for gaining information about the practice of anomalous cognition. Plus the layout of the magazine is very professional and quite frankly looks highly attractive. The layout is just beautiful. There are over a dozen editions of this magazine and is worth a look if only to get a slight exposure to this scene. Anyhow, check it out, for educational purposes it is useful.


    P.S. Down the road I'll be "hatching" this magazine onto the Sp00knet Echomail Network. This is a file attach to the echonet, so you will be able to pick up this archive of PDF magazines right here on Sp00knet.


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