• Psychic Distress Baecons

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    It is possible to use, for a lack of a better word, psychic distress baecons
    so when you're in trouble you can send out your pain into the ether which
    other psychics can detect and respond to. I know of three cases in which
    this technique has been used, though unfortunately only one of the three
    cases had a survivor come out of it. Still though, one is better than none. People with predictive abilities can determine if another person around them
    is "psychic." There are even games that remote viewers play by, for example sending ink blotches to their fellow gifted kin. If you can imagine a
    psychic version of paintball that is what its like, and this can be used to warn people so if an agent is approaching a bad neighborhood or crowd they would get a psychic nudge in the form of a black ink blotch in their mind's eye, or a drawing feeling to go away from the trouble.

    The audience of this article is to the person who has already accepted the reality of the existence of predictive abilities and studies. It is not my goal to convince people of anything in this article. If you don't believe, even with abundant evidence then that is your decision and your choice to disbelieve in the face of multitudes of real-life proofs. Some people would complain that they don't have the access to the material or the need-to-know
    to be able to see the proof, but if you ever make it into the intelligence community you will, if you probe for it, be swamped by troves of archives of actual proofs of the reality of extra-sensory-perception. Yes, I prefer the term ESP better than being psychic. Psychics end up in Sheol as it is
    strictly forbidden to practice as a psychic, but a person who feels things differently may not be that bad.

    So, back to the topic, it is absolutely possible to broadcast distress to whoever is listening. It is unfortunately rather dark, there are genuine
    seers out there but they tend to keep to themselves, have been bought out by the alphabet soup agencies, or are otherwise not receiving the broadcasts.
    If you can imagine being in a large hall and seeing very faint sparks of
    light that represent other people who are "online" you might get a better
    feel for it. I wish that I could write more about this in detail but for the privacy of the people involved I can not. Two of the three were tragic incidents that were completely fouled beyond all recognition (FUBAR).

    There is no current ESP Congress, so until that point there is no clearing house for real life actual not-kidding extra extra type forum with people who are gifted in this. From my personal experience I would be able to say with
    a high rate of certainty that actual ESP gifted people would avoid an ESP Congress because they don't want to be used or controlled by The Man. They
    are people who go about their own lives and don't feel compelled to be the Aladdin's Lamp of a forced predictor. For those people with ESP and practice predictive studies they are mostly singletons who don't feel a need for
    joining with others as they are satisfied with their own work in their own ways.

    When I refer to being in the intelligence community (IC) don't think that I'm
    a government sp00k. You don't have to be hired by government agencies or organizations to be in the IC. The singleton is a valid and recognized part
    of the overall community. Often a singleton can get access to materials and the like in ways and situations that the big agencies can not, and who volunteer to help anonymously with the project in question, operating from
    the shadows out of the light, not being affiliated with the agency or organization which allows them to do their work while not having to worry
    about operational security failures as the singleton is not on the payroll of the alphabet soup (CIA, NSA, DIA, etc.); so if the agency gets exposed the singleton will not, as they are not attached to the groups.

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