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    Psychics, Mediums, Diviners, Remote Viewers, Prophets, Scryers, and Astral Projectors... what do all of these have in common? Well they all use extra-sensory perception. I propose that all of these types of practices do indeed work at some times. God wouldn't speak against doing something if it was impossible to do. These various practices fall into two groups, those of God and those apart from God. One is of the Holy Spirit while the others are of evil spirits. The difference is whether the Holy Spirit of God is with the practitioner. One is a gifting of the most high God, all the rest are people striving to discern secrets apart from God with the use of pagan practices or the calling up of spirits that assist in hearing spirit beings which "peep and mutter."

    For those in the scene we are far from having the option of thinking that
    these things do not exist. We are past that. Well beyond having that bliss
    of ignorance. There is no way at all for us to go back or doubt
    anymore---it's simply impossible.

    Not all giftings are equal though. There are consequences of being a "false prophet." With real prophecy there is a blessing to all who hear because
    they are given information that will help out others in understanding things such as the signs of the times, personal one-on-one prophecy, and
    governmental focuses... these prophecies differ from the non-prophetic in two ways, first Prophets of God, real prophets of God, have none of their predictions fall to the ground and the source of the prophecies are from the Holy Spirit of God. So what is a false prophet? It is not someone who necessarily has predictions that don't come to past... the main
    differentiator is the source of their prophecy, whether it be from Satan or God. Satan is the Father Of Lies. His prophecies may indeed come to pass
    but the source (the father of lies) is a liar by nature and deceives people into following him by his apparent amazing abilities at predicting things
    that are fulfilled. Satan is also a master deceiver, he presents himself as
    an angel of light--the opposite of what he is. So false prophecy can be discerned if one or two of the following take place : 1. The prophecy fails
    and 2. It is originated by any spirit apart from the Holy Spirit. So how can you find if the spirit is of God? Any spirit that acknowledges the Nicene Creed of 381 as being truth that Spirit will be of God. So you can test the spirits as to whether they agree with the fundamentals of Christianity.
    Should they accept this then they are of God and if not, then those spirits
    are most definitely not of God YHWH.

    I by no means doubt that all of the above listed "giftings" exist, you just need to be absolutely certain that you are on the right side of Father God (YHWH / Jehovah). The consequences mean life or death. If you practice
    these things and you die in that state of affairs you will have forfited your own soul. Definitely not worth it. You may be able to produce actionable intelligence through these "gifts" but sending your soul into perdition (into Sheol [Hell]) you are like a fool, for what can a person exchange for his
    soul? What is worth being cast into a lake of fire for simply giving the IC some information that they couldn't have otherwise got? Your input to their collection aparatus is not worth eternal damnation.

    Consider these things seriously. God has your life in His hands.


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