• Thought Crime

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    Could people with the gift of prediction and foresight one day be outlawed?
    In the sci-fi drama Babylon 5, those with psychic abilities are forced to be
    on meds that stop their psychic abilities or join the government force of psychic assets. So lets assume that psychic abilities exist. Why would we want to regulate it? Well, certain individuals could win big at the casinos, and behave in such a way as to always have the right answer to a problem.
    Most psychics don't intend on harming the world, but are rather deceived by evil spirits who convince them that they have this power within themselves
    that can be used for light or dark. There is divination, prophecy,
    non-defined psychic powers, foresight, projection, and prediction, all of
    which can be categorized into the broad umbrella of "predictive studies."

    It is a human right to have freedom of thought, but what if that thought was not only internal to oneself but external in being attached to a spirit? Furthermore, what if a prophet sent by God to give a message to His people
    was chemically restrained from having a spiritual connection to his God?
    Well, I belive one day it will be found out how human minds interact with
    evil spirits, however I do not believe the connection between God and prophet will ever be able to be stopped by any mere chemical or any other means. With all of this in mind, I can be fairly certain that psychic powers can be diminished with chemicals, and also quite probably have an increase in transmission with some sort of other kind of drug.

    So, Thought Crime... if or when this happens it will be the darkest of days; ripping out a piece of a person by chemical restraint. Gouging out a part of
    a person's inner being and doing it in the name of "equality," "fairness,"
    and "security." Its people with predictive abilities that in the present day world give warnings about disasters and identifying criminals. But even if these things are realities, who would believe such a report? Even agencies that have difinitive proof that such capabilities exist have and will
    continue to persist in the belief that predictive studies are a pile of hog-wash. Currently, people with these abilities are helping out governments around the world, but what if that day comes when predictors are forced to work with government to ensure safe, stable, and secure nations. What is now voluntary may one day be required. Do not trust your government. A good government may currently exist, but that doesn't mean that they will be that same benevolent government down the road. How you help one day may be used against you the next. Resist efforts that make thought, in whatever form, illegal.


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