• Time Travel via Spiritial Connection

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    If you can accept the idea that spirits exist, and that they are inter-dimensional you might be able to believe the following. First if
    sprits exist they can travel in ways that people are incapable of, they can appear and disappear, and they have observable effect on their surroundings. Anyhow, to get to the point, if sprits exist and they can exist on a
    different plane of existence than us they may be able to glean information
    from sources which we ourselves can not access. By using spirits people can determine predictively what is going to happen and do so with amazing
    accuracy. There are two types of spirits, The Holy Spirit, the Demonic Spirits, and the [supposed] good spirits. I can be sure that the Holy Spirit exists, and I can be sure that Demonic spirits exist, as for the third group
    I expect that they exist but can't be certain. So if you want to invest your money into time travel to see things before they happen you may be better off doing some studies in the paranormal rather than some quantum flux magick machine. Spirits have a low cost of entry into the field of paranormal investigation. You just have to be certain that you're dealing with the Holy Spirit and not some demented Evil spirit---they will only cause you trouble though they too can predict things that come to pass. Test every spirit. Spirits that acknowledge that Jesus Christ came to Earth in the flesh and
    that God is Lord are from God, those that deny Christ are not from God.

    Spiritual forces are the intermediaries between time as we know it and the potential futures up ahead. Don't stare too long into the abyss or the abyss will stare at you; be careful what spiritual forces you employ--some can
    mimic the futures seen by the Holy Spirit, though they themselves are evil
    and false. Tread softly, there be demons.

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