• Powers and Principalities in Heavenly Realms

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    If you can accept that prophecy exists in the present day you should find
    this article illuminating. Just like there is prophecy from God there is
    also prophecy from the "powers and principalities in heavenly places/realms" Both of these prophetic abilities are activated by faith, but one comes from God while the other from Spirits that are apart from God. Both require faith in the ability of the spirit or God to provide the information being sought. While prophecy from God is accurate and righteous, the prophecy that comes
    from strange spirits is deceptive in nature and makes it look like what was prophecized was totally true when in fact the object of the prophecy comes to pass while the specifics behind the word are false. Basically prophecy from strange spirits causes people problems and deceives them into beliving a lie, while prophecy from God is true, accurate, and straight-forward. One thing I should note is that prophecy from God is not equal in any respect to psychic powers. Psychics can call up information on just about anything while prophets receive information from God and can not always call up information on anything, but rather God gives information and revelation as He sees fit. So prophets of God can relay what they've been told but can't (in most instances) "read" information about situations; they can hear from God, but not always be able to hear just anything about situations. There is the problem of people asking prophets about certain things which have not been revealed to the prophet and being asked something like "if you're a true prophet then answer me such and such question," where they have not received revelation about that matter and appear as though they aren't prophets because they can not answer what they have not been told.

    These are just some things to think about. Prophecy is real, and there is true-prophecy and false-prophecy, as well as seers, diviners, psychics, etc. In the Holy Bible God commands people to have nothing to do with psychic powers, and he wouldn't spend the time to warn against such a practice if it didn't have actual power and ability to it. So stay well away from psychic phenomenon, even the new "scientific remote viewing" is dangerous to your
    soul. If you're interested in finding out more about legitimate prophetic ability then attend a Pentecostal church for a while, discern who's for real and learn from them.

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