• Telepathic Distress Beacons

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    Some people have extra-sensory perception. These people fall into three categories: prophets, psychics, and diviners. Where prophets receive their power from God, psychics receive their power from some unknown or "natural" source, and diviners receive their powers from the demonic realm. This post has content that interests me so I figured I could share the information.
    When a person is in a traumatic event it is possible to receive a prophectic/psychic/divination beacon. I don't speak much on this topic, but what I can say is great distress can be transmitted to those who are open to receive it. Its like walking a tight-rope, you want to be sure where your sources are coming from. Psychic and Devination powers can bring the practitioner into Hell because God (YHWH) has specificially restricted the activity and called it abomination, which translated means worst of the
    worst. A prophet, and yes there are actual prophets, can be used by God as a messenger.who gets his/her power not from themselves but with the union of
    the Holy Spirit and the Christian.

    When people think "false prophet" they think "his prophecies don't come to pass" ... well, actually a false prophet is any prophet whos source of
    insight comes from anyone other than God. It is entirely possible to have accurate predictions from a psychic or diviner, but doing such desolates and disturbs the mind, leaving people thinking that they have real power while
    the whole time just pushing the practitioner day by day closer to eternal
    death (Hell).

    Please let me know what you think of this, whether positive or negative.

    Best regards,

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