• Syria, US, Russia, Turkey and more...

    From xqtr@700:100/13 to All on Wed Apr 11 21:04:06 2018
    With all thats happening in the middle east and the area around, what is your opinion about the matter. Right now, the world is waiting for a strike from the US, because of the chemical attack in Syria. The Russians are there, the Turks are allies with Russia and invaded north Syria and the situation is looking like its getting out of control somehow.

    There is a "rumor" that the US is preparing a new Kurd state in north Syria and all these are the "path" to make it happen. But to create a Kurd state in the borders of Turkey, means that someone has to take care of the Turks, which they don't want to even hear about a Kurd country.

    Whats your opinion about the matter?

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