• Israel at War Against Terrorists

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    The Middle East has been getting hot again. It started with some militants locking themselves inside the Dome of the Rock Islam temple in Jerusalem. Apparently the militants wanted to force a confrontation with the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). They succeeded and now the whole Middle East is blowing up. We are told to "pray for the peace of Jerusalem," so that is what many Christians have been doing. When Isreal is doing poorly the rest of the worlds in turn does poorly. When there is stability in Israel the World follows suit. Several people have died from all the rockets being launched into Israel. Satan uses his people to make problems for the State of Israel. If there is a hater against The Jews you can be sure that its inspired by The Enemy. The Israeli's aren't perfect but they are none-the-less God's Chosen People. That might make you unhappy to hear but it's the truth. Christians should show more respect for Jews as Jesus Christ himself was born a Jew. The Son of The Most High God is Jewish. It is wise to consider why you hate a certain people group and determine if its not something Evil behind those thoughts. Peace.


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