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    From warmfuzzy@700:100/0 to All on Thu May 16 22:46:49 2019
    I have a subscription for i24 News streaming direct from Israel. This
    station I highly recommend. It is less biased and really delivers *real*
    news. Not just some talking head of the Israeli government, this is an independent media outlet that covers news you just don't hear in the Western media. I hear about all sorts of things going on that is nowhere to be found in North American or European news. Also, this news station is in english so
    I can understand it witout a translator or closed-captioned feed. You can reach this news station at www.i24news.tv. I'm not Israeli or Jewish myself but I hold a great respect for the chosen people of God, the people of Jesus' heritage. Check it out. You will find that you have been under a fog of only a small selection of the news... this will open your eyes and you will wake
    you up to the truth.

    Best regards,

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