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    From warmfuzzy@700:100/0 to All on Tue May 7 03:49:12 2019

    Service Update: The Sp00kne
    t Echomail Network May 7th, 2019
    , by warmfuzzy [PHAT*], Editor ۲
    There has been a failure on The Fishingnet BBS, causing all echo
    mail messages from there to the Sp00knet to bas
    ically be sent to oblivion with apparently 19 e
    ditorials to never get to their destinations.
    This is not a problem with the Sp00knet Echomail Network itself, bu
    t rather just a failure of one of the connected
    nodes. If you have found the Sp00knet to be
    rather slow this is likely a major cause of th
    at hiccup. We have recently acquired several magazine editions to
    cut out a single article from each edition to be
    placed on the file bone (the file distribution
    part of the Sp00knet Echonet). This is allow
    ed under "fair dealings" (Canadian law) up to one article
    extract or 10% of the total work. So fun is on its way. We have
    recently acquired an editor for the Sp00knet
    who will write four articles per month on to
    pics of interest requested by the PHATstar So
    ciety or from article suggestions by you the participants. -wf
    the world's most intriguing echomail network"

    ްwe're the world's largest plu
    ggable file st
    orage system for bulletin board systems.
    growing to eighteen terabytes of combined
    storage space and  1gbit internet access
    as well as 10mbit and 100mbit upli

    1. this is not the an
    onymous hacking society 2
    . we do not distribute warez (pirated anything)
    3. our contributors are anonymous (private list)
    4. this s
    ervice is completely free to use
    5. home of the massive
    archives collection p h a t s t
    a r
    connecting your bulletin board system
    to anonymous archivers:Connecting your bullet
    in board system to the Anonymous Archivers File DistroNe
    twork is simple, just write society@phatstar.org with your IP address
    andsome basics about your board. Your IP will be added
    to the "whitelist" whichwill allow connections from you
    r board to the anonarch system. We literallyhave a giga
    bit (120 megabytes per second) link for servicing AA so whatever
    speed you have of an internet connection we will probably fully utilize yourconnection. Please note whether your IP is static o
    r dynamic (staying thesame or changing over time). If i
    t is dynamic please include your name thatresolves to yo
    ur IP such as coolbbs.dyndns.org. so we're clear about the
    system it is run by PHATstar, which is a Christian society, so you ca
    n expectChristian content to be included on this file di
    stro network (FDN). We makeno apologies; we are proud o
    f our savior and faith in God.latest addition
    s to the anonymous archivers file distro network:
    We have received written permission from 2600.com to distribute b
    oth audio andvideo from the HOPE conferences (Hackers On
    Planet Earth). We have purchasedthe audio for all the
    conferences which is available for downloading now, asfo
    r the video we have purchased HOPE12 and HOPE11 video. We will conti
    nuemaking purchases until we have the full video collect
    ion. 2600.com willreceive a lot of advertising and purc
    hases of material as a "thank you" forallowing us to sha
    re these treasures. The audio and video will only beava
    ilable from this BBS FDN. PHATstar has made it clear to 2600 that ou rdistribution will not include posting of these files on
    torrents or othereasily leechable systems, it is a high
    -five to the bulletin board system (BBS)community. When
    we have our next Sp00knet Prize Draw all of the prizes will
    be sourced from 2600.com. The Anonymous Archivers FDN will also host
    all ofthe "Off The Hook" audio from the beginning to th
    e present. If we can helpout 2600 in any good way we wi
    ll, in return for their investment in the BBSscene. To
    test out the FDN you can logon to The Fishingnet BBS at: fishingnet.phatstar.org, port 7777 (telnet). It can be found in the
    filemenu. The Fishingnet has a 100 Megabit (12 Megabyte
    /second) full-duplexInternet connection, so the download
    speed will max out at around 12 megs/sec.




    n e t w o r k

    "A cu
    p of Joe, some midnight

    hacking, and up late, really
    late, on the Late Night Network"

    *hacking=exploring, tinkering, &
    pushing techn
    ology to its limits

    SSL-Secured IRC Network
    fast server:  100 Mbit
    irc.latenightnetwork.net:6697 SSL+o:PHATstar Society: ww w.phatstar.org[PHATstar]#mystic: Mystic B
    BS Tech Supportprogressive hackers and technologists
    12 MB/s, North American, Linux-Based, SSL/TLS, Text-Mo
    de/BBS Oriented



    > Late Night Network Anope (IRC) Installation

    The Late Night Network is running off of a Hybrid-IRC server. It is
    currentlymissing the Anope services (chanserv, nickserv
    , etc.). PHATstar is willingto pay a computer networkin
    g person $30 USD for the installation of Anope andits co
    nnection to the Hybrid IRC server. The IRC server is working fine, i
    tjust doesn't have Anope. The server has a two year SSL
    /TLS certificate and isready to become the primary place
    for bbs sysops and users to gather for techsupport for
    various BBS software packages and goings-on. Please send your
    information to spooknet@phatstar.org with your details and references an
    d wewill get this project fully ready to be used.



    ߲ ߲






    ۱ ߲
    FishingNET: "Saving Souls From Hell:" f
    ishingnet.phatstar.org:7777 (telnet)GRAND OPENING A
    PRIL 20th, 2019. 16 TB VPN, 100 Mbit, Christian BBS.


    ۰ ߲

    The Fishin
    gnet BBS will be sponsoring people to receive top level, best-of-
    the-best language training from Pimsleur. The PHATstar Society will be makingthe purchase of the audio and will send each stude
    nt a .7z file with theHebrew language MP3s as well as a
    scanned purchase receipt for the price ofthe audio cours
    es. One module will be provided at a time and each module
    contains five 30-minute courses. There are 18 modules of 30-minute c
    ourses.We will only be providing one module at a time to
    ensure that only those whoare actually using this servi
    ce will receive the courses, as this is anexpensive ende
    avor. Redistribution of these courses is prohibited. PHATstar
    will be using its own society funds to cover the cost of these programs,
    andwe are not pirating ourselves, nor promoting piracy
    in any way whatsoever.These courses are in Modern Hebrew
    , with native speakers, and in context tothe society of
    present-day Israel. This project was selected to run because
    Jesus Christ was Jewish and from Israel. It is our hope that from th
    isproject Christians will be able to conduct business wi
    th Israel and some Jewswill become believers in their Me
    ssiah (Messianic Judiasm). The position onIsrael by the
    PHATstar Society is that they are a soverign nation with the
    right to have defensable borders, the right to exist, and have the ri
    ght topermit Aliyah (the return home to Israel by the sc
    attered Jewish people allaround the world). It is a ver
    y small nation and it is hated by many aroundthe world f
    or simply being Jewish. We are all for people who are oppressed
    by the world system, as being hated by the world means that you are doin gsomething quite right.


    christian, computer technician, sysop, podcas
    ter, sound guy,
    lege educated, network admin, self-employed, zine editor,

    linux and comp security trained, simple and humble, f riend.
    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A39 2018/04/21 (Linux/64)
    * Origin: Sp00knet Master Hub [PHATstar] (700:100/0)