• Thank You President Donald Trump

    From warmfuzzy@700:100/0 to All on Wed Mar 27 22:46:58 2019
    If you've been watching real news (as opposed to the Fake News media) you
    will have heard that President Donald Trump has declared Jerusalem to be the capitol of Israel. Again he has declared certain lands to be recognized in being part of Israel to make for defensable borders.

    President Trump is perplexing, he exaggerates and seems to stretch the truth, but he does great things for Israel at the same time... Israel is the best
    ally that the USA has. Both of these countries are forces for good, though they are infested with forces that want to bring them down. In the Bible it says not to speak in railing against the government because God conrols who takes power in government, so I am hesitant to criticized President Trump. I respect people who respect the Holy Land and its people. Is President Trump good or bad? I'm not certain, but I can watch his policies that he puts in place and those policies seem very good.

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