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    There is a great TV station called i24 News, which presents the news from the standpoint of Israel. It is well-balanced, willing to flesh out the accusations against Israel, including the BDS (boycott divestment sanctions) movement. Since they're open to discussing the accustions put against them openly they can be trusted to report on the right, left, and centrist positions. The unlimited access to i24News can be had for under $10 USD per month. They have a security show which details Israeli national security and how things are from their position. Israel is the only democracy in the Middle-East, making them a stategic partner for the West. It is really exciting to see the view of the Jewish people. Do you hate Israel just
    because it is popular to do so, that you've been told Israel is evil? Maybe you have something against Israel of a violent or antagonistic fashion. They have a diverse society and ground-breaking documentaries. If you'd really
    like to know what the Isralis are all about then check out this Internet feed from the i24 News Agency. Check it out, have whatever views you have after being informed as to what the truth about the Jews really are. Hear of their points of view from themselves. Listen to them from their own mouths and see that they're not evil, bigotted, or criminal---that they seek peace and prosperity. These people are God's people. Jesus was a Jew so Christians should be pro-Israel. Six million Jews were put to death by the NAZIs...
    this people deserves a land of their own in their historic homeland. Educate yourself.

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