• [ANSI] KANSIT: The BBS Corporation

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    TMTK a n s a
    s I n f o r m a t i o n T e c h n o l o g yww
    w.kansit.com : 1-800-276-2030 : jjustvig@kansit.com : cr1mson
    Specializing in Bulletin Board System (BBS) Support in a Wide Variety of
    Work:Focus on Mystic BBS, Designing and Implemen
    ting Echomail Networks, Graphics,Installing Doors and Mo
    ds, Guidance in Best Practices, Optimal File TransferPro
    tocols, Subscribing to Echomail Networks, Scripting for Daily/Timed E vents,Attaching File Distro Networks (FDNs), Animated Me
    nus, Attaching to GamingNetwork Services, Preparing Cust
    om FILE_ID.diz/.ans to Advertise You and YourSystem/Grou
    p/Network, Software Development (Such as Doors/Mods).
    K A N S I T I S A F U L L T E C H N O L O G Y H O U S E
    C A T E R I N G T O A L L O F Y O U R B B S N E E D S K A N S I T . C O M
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