• I2P and TOR

    From warmfuzzy@700:100/0 to All on Sat Nov 18 01:51:20 2017
    The PHATstar RetroBOX! will be connecting to I2P (the Invisible Internet Project) and TOR (The Onion Router) to allow PHATstar members to connect anonymously to the RetroBOX. TOR is faster, but requires the use of SOCKS proxying. I2P is slower but is easier and more straight forward to connect systems together. The slogan for the RetroBOX is "Somewhere in the Darknet, Somewhere in Your Dreams." Tonight I'll be hooking up I2P to the system.
    This will enable anyone from anywhere who has the I2P connection address to
    use the system in such a way as to be completely anonymous. What people do on the system can be detected on the system, but where they are connecting from
    is hidden even from the administration here at PHATstar. We're not up to no good, but believe that privacy is a right not a privilege. Try out I2P for yourself, it is a beautiful piece of software, elegantly designed, and easy
    to use with an attractive web-based user interface.

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    * Origin: PHATstar RetroBOX! (700:100/0)