• soviet gold and nazi gold

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    It had become obvious to the Soviet's and NAZI's that they regimes were about to undergo a take-down or remodeling. When you know that your house of cards is about to fall you want to take whatever valuables you can take to fund operations post-nation. Germany was rich from pillaging the riches of neighboring nations, while the Soviet's were rich from stealing the riches of the Tsar and stealing the riches of all those that they murdered, taking their personal possessions. In any case, there was a lot of money floating around in these two regimes. Enough was saved to finance a rebirth of their nationalistic plans at the right place and the right time sometime in the future. This type of plan is sometimes referred to as a "shadow government," or the people who are actually in charge. It is childish to think that governments simply fold, when there are many people in those nations who are convinced of the rightness of their nation's ways and means and general practices. The Golden Rule is that those with the gold make the rules. People are in love with money. The more you can share your money around the more people you can buy off. It is not hard to imagine that some of the wealth of natinos can be and is stored off-site in the case of a "rainy day," or otherwise put, a time when they can use that stored gold, or gems, or other highly valued materials to fund a resurgence of people's never dead poitical preferences that may come out of sleeping at an opportune time. The Soviets and the NAZI are not dead, they have just fallen asleep, hibernating until "better weather" wakes them up.


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