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    In the late years of the 1980's and early years of 1990's when the USSR/CCCP was folding people were led to believe that Russia as a whole just gave up on Soviet Communism. Does it make sense that just by the government stating officially that Soviet Russia was no longer a thing would cause their citizens (brainwashed by many years under Stalin) to just give up their political convictions. What really happened was that the Soviet government went underground saving their goal of conquest of the entire world for a rainy say so to speak. The United Soviet Socialist Republic never died, but rather transitioned. Valuables of all types were "acquired" by the Soviet underground to finance their goal of world domination. Putin is the leader of a so-called democracy. What he is actually in charge of is an Aristrocrat Soviet regime. Instead of transitioning from Communism (Socialism) to a Democratic Republic (Capitalism), the opposite is happening. Putin is trying to regather the nations from the former Soviet Bloc and create a new empire, free from the meddling of Western nations.

    The monies given out at the end of the USSR/CCCP have funded propaganda machines globally. The Soviet Union is neither done with nor dead. Hundreds of millions of people, formerly loyal to the Soviet Union, have not dispanded, but rather transformed. It's a case of losing the battle, but winning the war. It is ridiculous to think that millions of people would suddenly change their political convictions just because some group says that it's done with. People aren't like that. Entire worldviews don't change on a political reconstructuring. The hardline Communists are still today hardline communists. Why was Putin selected to lead the nation? Because of a paper which he wrote in higher education. In it he said that the fall of the Soviet Union was the worst thing to ever happen in the 20th century. This work found its place on the desks of the people in and with power, cementing his place as leader of the nation in disguise, the nation like its Russian Doll, having layer upon layer of political mechanations which form the political landscape of the nation inside the nation, waiting for the proper time to be recreated in the image of the post-Capitalist, Soviet entity which it will one day become. They have seemingly lost the battle but seek earnestly to win the war, the new cold war.

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