• Quitting mainstream social media

    From debianz@700:100/71 to All on Fri Jan 5 13:15:47 2024
    Just posting an FYI here for those from my previous social media platforms that are trying to find me here. I recently closed my Gab account (my handle there was "KoolKoala") and my Facebook account (Handle there was "debiani386") has been closed down for a few years now. I haven't used Twitter since '13 and even then I never posted on there.

    I got tired of all the screaming and shouting and lack of productive conversation on those platforms, plus the fact that ch*ld p*rn goes unstopped and mostly unchecked on those platforms. Reporting it results in no action from the site moderators, and calling it out results in getting shouted down.

    I am posting this under the "New World Order" section because I honestly believe that the NWO groups are using these "alternate" platforms and mainstream platforms to normalize pedophilia and other forms of degeneracy.

    Spooknet, fideonet, et al. will be where I do the majority of my posts and "social media" activity going forward. Plus, these BBSes and networks don't require the bandwidth that the other platforms require - allot easier on my limited bandwidth out in the country.

    73, debian

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