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    America. Land of he free. In many ways this is true, yet in many ways falls short. A century ago it was perfectly acceptable to give people cocaine as a medicine, up unil the Food and Drug administation. Now admitadly, this is a good thing, so companies aren't selling people veritable poison as food. But how does this relate to firearms?

    Lets take 150 years ago, the wild west, as an example. Anyone, even a 6 year old, could walk into a bar and buy a drink, or a dun sore and buy a pistol. Assuming they had the money an the person would sell to them, that is. Even until the 70's/80's it wasn't uncommon for people to have guns, beit it on their person or in their car or wherever else. However modern society has a different view on guns. Many want to ban "assault weapons" or all guns altogether. However, these "assault weapons" they want to ban is any gun with
    a pistol grip, outside of hand guns, or just he "tactical" weapons, end even magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. However the legal deffinition of an asault weapon is any gun designed to shoot more than one bullet with a single pull of the trigger, which is much more reasonable, and makes the $200 tax stamp and the 6-8+ plus wait period before you can pick up the weapon
    slightly more reasonable. Not to mention the fact that you need to be 18 to
    buy a rifle r a shotgun, and 21 to buy a handgun. Why can you go to war and
    die for your country before you can buy alcohol or a pistol? A pistol is what coulds save your life in a murder attempt or a mugging. Who's the
    government to say what I can and can't defend myself with? But I digress.

    However, in America we do have a saving grace with these laws as they stand. Unregistered firearms. Under the federal law of the United States of America,
    a firearm is only a 100% complete reciever. So it's perfectly legal to buy an 80% complete reciever and mill it out yourself. Now while it will take more effort, and might even be more expensive, the government won't know of it.
    And furthermore, there's something that's also disposable, easily made, and cheap. 3D printed fire arms. It's legal to make, although the barel will only last one shot. granted, cheap might be a little off. You still have the overhead cost of the filament and the printer itself. But my point remains.

    So in the end, I'd say it boils down to this. As it stands, American gun laws are jacked up. No way around that. But as Americans I'd say it's our right, nay, our duty to find and exploit these loopholes. Guns are how we avoid situations like 1984 and the USSR taking over without resistance because they convinced the people to give up their guns. So we must arm ourselves to be prepared in case of disaster, or an opressive government. After all, the founding fathers thought the right to have weapons was important enough to establish as an amendment, right after the freedoms of speech and religeon. Futhermore, anti-gun people will say "you can't commit mass murder without guns" but I beg to differ. Let's take the story of the greek hero Odyseus. He goes and fights in the Trojan war and returns home after many adventures. But everyone else has been home for ages, possibly years. So Odyseus is presumed dead, and when he returns home no one ecognizes him. His wife, now being the queen, has attracted many suitors to try to fill the power vacuum caused by
    him being gone. However he reveals himself to his son by stringing the bow he left that only he could string. The then made a plan to invite the other suitors to a feast, whereupon he had the doors secretly barred. After
    revealing himself by stringing the bow, and shooting an arrow through 12 axe eyelets into a target, he and his son proceed to slaughter all of the
    suitors. Perhaps a little less extravagant, couldn't I just take my car and
    run the baracade at a he anual fair and run people over? And one guy go fed
    up and welded steel plates onto a bobcat and made a tank out of it, with
    which he went on a rampage destroying buildings before the police could stop him.

    So no, guns aren't the enemy, it's other people.

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