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    From Gandor@80:210/0 to Geri_Atricks on Thu Jul 12 23:46:35 2018
    My two cents probably aren't worth much these days do to my extended hiatus
    but I thought I would chime in anyway.

    Retro Computing can't just be summed up in a few mundane categories. Young people these days aren't as failure with older systems as some of us old fogies are.

    Isn't are ultimate goal to attract the younger generations to BBSing?
    Having simple and clearly defined echoes makes more sense than lumping things together for the sake of making the net look more active.

    Honestly I like popping into the Amiga echo knowing am gonna see discussion
    on the Amiga instead of having to search through the Commodore echo looking
    for all things Amiga. Sides you tell me how many 20 or even 30 year olds out there these days know Commodore made the Amiga. (No offense to you youngsters out there)

    Now I know I'm ranting sorry about that. To but things in a nut shell don't worry about fixing what ain't broke.

    Now when we get to the point that the AMD Ryzen becomes retro we might have
    to revisit this subject....

    Whelp there is my two cents it probably doesn't make much sense though

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