• AY Sound Music format

    From Technobi@80:774/89 to All on Fri Jan 11 10:52:12 2019
    Hello All,

    from my early Spectrum days I always wanted to
    record and capture the music computer plays.
    I waited minutes and recorded seconds. After
    the process I had a cassette full of music
    that's currently called chiptunes.

    I found there are still people actively composing
    in Spectrum trackers. And I'm glad about it.

    When I used ZX I used it mainly for gamin. So the
    knowledge of assembler never really caught me.

    But after some time I'm thinking about capturing
    some of my favorite tunes. What I went to is the
    AY files. And now my path ends. From what I understand
    the AY sound files are assembler instructions for
    the music chip. Isn't it?

    In the optimal case I would like to convert the
    AY file to the MIDI one. Exactly note by note.

    What options do I have to decode the AY file?
    Is there any format, specification that would
    unify it? Or it's rather each file different

    Thank You in advance for any hint on this topic

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